Getting my first real suit, part two: Finding a tailor

One of the first and probably most important steps is finding a tailor whom you think is best for you. I have to admit, in the Netherlands, this is actually pretty hard. The bespoke tailors like Chifonelli, Anderson & Sheppard, Antonio Liverano, whom we see in videos in famous places like France, the United Kingdom, and Italy, are not found everywhere. (Pardon me if I forget to mention others.) Aside from that, buying my first suit on Savile Row may be a bit out of my league after owning two less-than-ideal off-the-rack suits. So I decide to find my tailor closer to home.


So you think you are a gentleman?

What I perceive is that many people talk about being a gentleman when they look classy, smoke a cigar, and drink scotch. Often, James Bond is brought into that image as well. Some may think that they can become one as well by wearing expensive watches, maintaining a smart attitude, and following some ‘rules’ to become one on a random webpage covered with advertisements. But one couldn’t be further from that.

To me, a gentleman is not a term that’s written in stone, especially considering our current time. Does a gentleman need to be a man? And what is it really about?


Getting my first real suit, part one: Where to start?

This post will be the first in a series about getting my first suit. A suit looks so simple to the eye. Pay a few hundred euros, get one off the rack, and you’re all set, right? Or not? In this first post, I’m going to make a plan for my first suit and provide some insights into where I’m coming from.


Things I changed my mind about, in 2024

I will (not) wear pink

My linen summer suit from Suit Supply is a beautiful sand-colored, unstructured ensemble, perfect for more casual occasions. However, I found the shirts in my wardrobe to be a little bland. While a linen white shirt paired decently, amidst the brown and white ensemble, it seemed too understated. I had been searching for a turquoise linen shirt without much luck. I decided to experiment and tried on one of my girlfriend’s garments; she favors pink. Holding it in front of the mirror over my clothes, it surprisingly complemented the outfit well.

Subsequently, I ordered a light pink shirt from Suit Supply, utilizing my measurements already in the system, making the process quite straightforward.

Recently, I visited Suit Supply again for some trousers. I opted for taupe trousers and had them adjusted. When paired with my brown Chelseas and the pink shirt, the ensemble really came together. Consequently, I can confidently say that I now enjoy wearing pink.

What you (still) don’t see me wearing in 2024

Moccasins and loafers

For me, these shoes do not fit my style. I’m not comfortable in them. Aside, they do not got the support I need for my flat feet.