Wear your collar down; except when…

One of the things I’ve seen so many times here in the Netherlands is that many people are wearing their collars up, especially in summer. They do it with polos, shirts, and coats. A collar should be worn down; there’s no reason to point them up.

When should you actually wear your collar up?

When the weather calls for it, then you can pull up your collar to protect yourself from the weather. Simple.

So you think you are a gentleman?

What I perceive is that many people talk about being a gentleman when they look classy, smoke a cigar, and drink scotch. Often, James Bond is brought into that image as well. Some may think that they can become one as well by wearing expensive watches, maintaining a smart attitude, and following some ‘rules’ to become one on a random webpage covered with advertisements. But one couldn’t be further from that.

To me, a gentleman is not a term that’s written in stone, especially considering our current time. Does a gentleman need to be a man? And what is it really about?