Things I changed my mind about, in 2024

I will (not) wear pink

My linen summer suit from Suit Supply is a beautiful sand-colored, unstructured ensemble, perfect for more casual occasions. However, I found the shirts in my wardrobe to be a little bland. While a linen white shirt paired decently, amidst the brown and white ensemble, it seemed too understated. I had been searching for a turquoise linen shirt without much luck. I decided to experiment and tried on one of my girlfriend’s garments; she favors pink. Holding it in front of the mirror over my clothes, it surprisingly complemented the outfit well.

Subsequently, I ordered a light pink shirt from Suit Supply, utilizing my measurements already in the system, making the process quite straightforward.

Recently, I visited Suit Supply again for some trousers. I opted for taupe trousers and had them adjusted. When paired with my brown Chelseas and the pink shirt, the ensemble really came together. Consequently, I can confidently say that I now enjoy wearing pink.

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