Welcome to this website, a blog offering a singular perspective on the world, a sartorial journey, and matters of etiquette. It’s important to note that I don’t claim to have all the right answers, nor do I intend to pretend I do.

Monetization of this blog

Currently, the blog is solely funded by myself. To ensure the continuation of this blog, I may accept sponsored articles or add affiliated links. All articles will have a tag that states one of the following situations: “non-sponsored”, “sponsored”, “affiliate links”, or “compensated”. Each tag added will include a small disclaimer. The disclaimer may vary depending on the combinations.

Non-sponsed articles

All non-sponsored articles where I discuss certain products or makers mean that I’ve purchased the products with my own money and invested my own time. It may also be that I am invited to write an article without receiving anything in return, except perhaps for expenses such as travel. In the latter situation, I will attach a “compensated” tag to the article.

Sponsored articles

I am willing to write sponsored articles, but all articles are authored by myself and may only be corrected by the requester when it comes to spelling, grammar, or facts. Regarding the latter, to be absolutely clear, this does not mean that my personal experience with something, using my own terminology, will be exchanged for a marketing term that they use to promote their product or service. For example, if a company promotes made-to-measure suits but they actually use off-the-rack suits and simply adjust them, I will not promote this as made-to-measure.

Transparency and independence are of utmost importance to me. However, I wouldn’t go as far as disclosing the specifics of the agreement, as that is a private matter. Nevertheless, I always strive to explain what I gain from doing a sponsored article, item by item.

Affiliate links

In some cases, I may include affiliate links in articles. This assists me in covering the costs of maintaining this blog, as well as compensating for my time and expenses. Typically, affiliate links are associated with product reviews that I personally purchased. If this is not the case, the article will be clearly labeled as sponsored.

About being incorrect and interpreting my blog

As I continue on my life’s journey, I’ve come to realize that I’m often more wrong than right, and that’s perfectly acceptable. As previously mentioned, I don’t possess all the answers. The language and tone I use may sometimes imply statements as facts, though they may not be. Therefore, I encourage you to view this blog for your entertainment and as a source of thought-provoking content, but not as a repository of facts (unless otherwise specified).

Reviews are my own

All reviews featured on this blog are my own work, driven by my personal interests, and generally funded from my own pocket, unless stated otherwise. If I choose to review a product or service by request, I will provide clear notice at the top, ensuring transparency, or as required by law. My goal with reviews is to share my authentic experiences and opinions with you. Join me as I explore the world of style, life, and manners through my unique lens.

The use of AI

All content on this website is authored by myself. However, as I struggle with dyslexia, I utilize AI to correct my spelling and grammar, ensuring that the content is comprehensible for everyone, not just myself. It’s important to note that the content is not generated by AI; rather, it is written by me and then refined with AI assistance to enhance clarity and readability.