Getting my first real suit, part one: Where to start?

This post will be the first in a series about getting my first suit. A suit looks so simple to the eye. Pay a few hundred euros, get one off the rack, and you’re all set, right? Or not? In this first post, I’m going to make a plan for my first suit and provide some insights into where I’m coming from.

After spending hours watching videos from some well-known sartorialists that I like, I really wanted to experience this for myself as well, especially for a workhorse suit that can be worn to a variety of occasions.

What I currently own

I currently own two suits from Suit Supply. One is single-breasted with notch lapels, in a mid-blue color, but certainly not navy. The second is a sand-colored, double-breasted linen suit with peak lapels and pleated pants. Both were bought for weddings in different seasons.

What am I looking for?

Both of the suits I own are perfectly fine for the occasions where I wore them. However, when life throws funerals at you or you’re expected to have a more formal attire, I just think the mid-blue suit feels out of place due to its color. And obviously, a sand-colored linen suit is not suitable for funerals, unless it’s requested. As many sartorialists advise for the first workhorse suit, to either go for a dark gray or navy suit, I think I should follow their advice. And let’s do it right. Whether it’s bespoke or made-to-measure. Bespoke isn’t a protected term, but it can still be of high quality.

What’s my style?

It may be too soon to define my current style. As I’m just starting out on my sartorial journey, I cannot claim that my style is anywhere close to being refined. All I can say is that I have a preference for a more understated style. The idea of uniformity offered by British style of tailoring and etiquette gives me a good indication of where my journey could start.

Possible choices I would go for in a this suit

Below is a list of things I would probably choose. I will take this list with me and discuss them with the tailor. I will let the tailor take the lead on most of the choices for the first time, and see what he can come up with in order to learn from it.

What are the primary choices I would make

Secondary choices

And all the good extra’s

Next up…

Now I am more prepared for the next step, which is finding a tailor.

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