Trying some face-creams; Routinely

After examining myself in the mirror over the past few months, I’ve come to realize that I’m beginning to develop the same ‘issue’ that runs in my family. Our fair and sensitive skin tends to take on a more permanent reddish tint. Overall, I’ve come to terms with our family traits, but maybe not quite yet, especially at the age of 40. I’ve been reluctant to incorporate daily creams and serums into my routine because, well, I’m a guy, you know? However, in this article, I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone to try out some creams and serums from Routinely.


Parting ways with my last social media platform

I grew up with an x86 computer, disconnected from the internet. The internet was unheard of at that time. I think it was over a decade, perhaps two decades ago, when social media began to emerge. Back then, it attracted a different crowd, people seeking like-minded individuals to share ideas and network with. Today, the world has changed, and social media has a significantly different impact compared to its early days.


Getting my first real suit, part three: my appointment with Léon Klaver

Last week, it was finally time to visit Léon Klaver. That day, I had quite the schedule. I had to quickly sand the last part of a woodworking project before bringing it to the paint sprayer. Then, I had to visit a friend and get into the shower, hopefully to remove all the dust from everywhere.

I dressed up in my most formal attire to expose any gaps in my current wardrobe and knowledge. This would be part of a talk about what would be best for a first proper wardrobe suit. I rushed a little but was just on time. I parked my bike outside the store and went in.


Wear your collar down; except when…

One of the things I’ve seen so many times here in the Netherlands is that many people are wearing their collars up, especially in summer. They do it with polos, shirts, and coats. A collar should be worn down; there’s no reason to point them up.

When should you actually wear your collar up?

When the weather calls for it, then you can pull up your collar to protect yourself from the weather. Simple.

New pen day: Pilot Custom 845 Urushi

In the past months, I’ve set aside some money to treat myself to a new fountain pen. I have had my mind set on something with urushi lacquer as I wanted a writing instrument that was a step up and a little more formal than my currently owned TWSBI Diamond 580alr, Pilot Falcon or Sailor Pro Gear Slim – Vega.