About me

Welcome to MNNRS.com, where I, the owner and writer, choose to remain anonymous. On this page, I’ll provide a more detailed glimpse into who I am.

Demographics and geographics

Sharing personal details can be a bit bothersome, but it’s relevant in the sartorial world where background can shape perceptions and behaviors. I’m Dutch, residing in the western province of Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands. Standing at about 1 meter and 70 centimeters tall, I share my life with my lovely girlfriend. Growing up, I was surrounded by two older brothers, one younger sister, and a half-brother.

The odd wolf in duck’s clothes; In search of acceptance and belonging

The title may seem like a mashup of two sayings, and that’s exactly what it is. This introduction may be the most unconventional way to describe myself, yet it’s the most accurate. Instead of defining who I am, I prefer to share the journey that brought me here, with minimal embellishment.

From childhood, I felt different from my peers. I struggled to fit in, finding little common ground in tastes or hobbies. It seemed I perceived the world differently, feeling like an odd duck in a flock of geese. This sense of being different made me an easy target for bullies, prompting me to rely on wit over physical strength for defense. This mantra served me well, with occasional setbacks.

Fast forward to adulthood, and life took many twists and turns. Just before hitting my forties, I was diagnosed with ADHD, which manifested as an inward hyperactivity leading to a burnout. While I had acquired various skills to navigate social situations, my tendency to take on too much led to a meltdown fueled by a desire for acceptance and belonging.

The world today; attention, distraction, stress and agitation

My meltdown wasn’t solely due to ADHD-masking; I also harbor negative feelings about the world’s direction and its future. We’re constantly bombarded with demands for attention, placed under immense stress, and left feeling agitated because we’re too exhausted to compose ourselves. I’m disheartened by the lack of improvement in societal manners. While it’s empowering to embrace our true selves, the journey is far from easy. This led me to ponder: why isn’t there a manual for navigating human interactions? As someone on the autism spectrum or with ADHD (conditions that often overlap), such guidance would have been invaluable, especially in my youth. Then it dawned on me: there are manuals, just under a different name—etiquette. I received minimal instruction in etiquette, primarily from my grandparents, as my hippie parents eschewed traditional social norms. This newfound realization sparked my interest in improving social comfort and reducing stress and impulses for both body and mind.

The recipe for slow food is: Sartorialism

Much like cooking, where slowing down is essential, sartorialism offers a recipe for navigating life with grace. Sartorialism, often intertwined with good manners and etiquette, caught my interest as a means to enhance comfort in social settings and reduce stress on both body and mind.